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Silent Witness of Dreamtime

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Silent Witness of DREAMTIME a new play written by Susan Cat Collyer

Displaying a parade of historical figures across the ages, Dreamtime is a rich multi-media production, filled with videos and gorgeous soundtracks, to make it an experience for all the senses; eyes, ears, head and heart!

It’s an adventure and a healing of spirit souls who have all received an invitation to come down from the world of spirit they inhabit and meet at the “Edge.”

One by one the historical figures come on stage to meet up at the “Edge” a strange location which appears to be a landfill existing between heaven and earth.

The founders of the Transcendental Movement in the mid 1800’s, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau are greeted by Frederick Douglass who is waiting there at the edge for them. These writers, philosophers, and poets, along with Noah Webster and Isaac Newton wade through the muck of changing social norms and the necessity for change. Throughout, the Scribe is taking it down for posterity, but solely from his very limited point of view. The others interject their point of view, demonstrating that there is more than one point of view.

At this edge of the Past;, ‘She' , the Divine Feminine, aka Elder, comes bringing a message of loving guidance and hope for humanity.

Throughout the piece the Four Directions and Elements, brought by White Buffalo Calf Woman, a silent sacred spirit from the Lakota Tribe, speaks via weather changes, bringing wind, fire, rain and earthquakes.

These Earth Spirits attempt to be heard as they dance among the wise ones. Many cultures are honored throughout, telling their stories, via African drumming, Celtic connections and Asian music.

As language changes across the ages, Noah Webster joyfully assists the Elder with definitions to clarify the differences, meanings and facts. Isaac Newton proudly shares the universal laws he discovered, and each character adds a part of their personal journey to the telling of the story.

Midway, Margaret Fuller (also part of the Transcendental Movement) strides in ablaze, with all her former passion on women’s equality.

All the characters begin to unravel some of their own personal difficulties and share as the Earth Spirits move them towards a kind of healing and understanding.

With the audience often being included, these weathering events interrupt and illuminate the progressive intense conversations. The overarching message from the Earth, to become kinder, to listen to ourselves and others, yet, never lose the principles of equality and justice. ‘Everything needs to change yet change must begin within each individual. More info contact-

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