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Meet the Founders


Susan Cat Collyer and Judith Clinton are seasoned theatre makers within professional and community theaters in NY, CT, RI and live in the city of Providence.  Ms. Collyer is an actor, author, playwright, and intuitive healer.

Ms. Clinton is a playwright and producer with extensive experience in film

and television. She also ran a retreat center for playwrights at her home in Stonington Connecticut until she recently moved to Providence.

After years working in the theatre in various capacities, their paths crossed in 2023. After a short conversation, they realized they shared the same vision;  supporting theatre makers from all disciplines together  to connect, engage, and network. Based upon this shared vision, they decided to make it a reality and set out to start monthly meetings and create this website.


In September of 2023, they established a monthly meeting on the 3rd Thursday of the month at LitArts RI. LitArts RI provides a co-working space for writers, to foster and encourage writers in need of a space to work and engagement with other writers, making it the perfect meeting place for RI Theatre Makers Roundtable. At each meeting, light refreshments are offered, and we feature engaged conversations, speakers, workshops and play readings in addition to time spent networking.


Learn more about Ms. Collyer and Ms. Clinton at their respective websites: | Actors Healing Powerful Secrets
Judith Clinton: About | The Way of the Labyrinth

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