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Carol E. Drewes


Born in New Hampshire, raised in CT, MA, NJ and IL. Settled in New England in 1996, based in Providence, RI since 2006. First film role: Bad Dreams Come True, an indie thriller ... bad dreams came true at the premiere when a rookie projectionist burned the film! Litigation ensued it was never distributed ... but she married the cameraman, so it wasn't all bad! Carol went back to stage work for decades, performing across New England and the Midwest while also serving as costume designer in many locations, and working day jobs as an education and arts administrator. In 2022 she fought off Covid-19 and cancer, retired from her day job, and shot three shorts including Mrs. Halloway (SENE Festival Audience Choice Award, San Bernardino Fear Faire Festival Award, and more). Carol provides sweet comic relief as the incredibly innocent Connie Parker, neighbor to Mrs. Halloway. Watch for great roles in these 2023 releases: Mattress Express, Magpie Optical, and Dog Days.

A well-seasoned professional, Carol has a full body of work in Theatre, Film and Voiceovers. To see details of her extensive experience, credits, photos, and reels visit her website and enjoy.

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