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Damont Combs aka Mr. Orange

Poets and Spoken Word

Damont Combs, also known by his vibrant pseudonym Mr. Orange Live, is a beacon of creativity and community advocacy from Southside Jamaica Queens, NY. His academic journey at Johnson and Wales University, where he earned a degree in Computer Technology Service, laid the foundation for his diverse career as a poet, filmmaker, and passionate advocate for artists' rights.

Damont's literary contributions are encapsulated in his published works, "My Poem...My Riddle" and "A Touch of Orange," which explore the profound spectrum of human emotions. These works have not only established him as a literary talent but have also earned him accolades such as the Indie Author Legacy Award for Poet of the Year in 2018. His artistry extends beyond the page to the big screen where his films aim to inspire and uplift communities

Damont Combs, also known as Mr. Orange Live, is a vibrant poet, educator, and community leader celebrated for his dynamic performances and deep commitment to the transformative power of poetry. His career, rich with numerous appearances and collaborations, marks him as a significant figure in the poetry landscape, engaging diverse audiences with his passionate delivery and introspective verses.

As the visionary behind Tell Your Truth, a registered 501(c)(3) organization, Damont leads initiatives that support emerging artists and create inclusive spaces for artistic expression. This organization is noted for its impactful open mic events and workshops that foster creative expression and community engagement.

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