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Rachael Zeltzer

Sound Design

With a Bachelor’s of Arts in music and history, including studies in religion, gender, philosophy, music composition and performance, Rachael has incorporated a broad array of disciplines that inform her ability to create and construct incomparable soundscapes. Her knowledge and skills coupled with her highly creative vision provides a unique component to any theatrical production. She can compose original music and bring sounds together for your soundscape needs. Working with Rachael on your team will enhance any production and bring a secret sauce to contribute to the success of your show. Rachael brings magic to any production.

2019, 2022- Assistant to the Director and Director of Music
Selected and arranged music, ensured that the sound and interpretation align with the artistic vision, collaborated with directors, writers, interviewees, actors, and venue coordinators, and responsible for the music cues live during performances

2022- Deceptions of Mercy, Susan Collyer and Robin Zola, performed at Fringe Festival, RI 2022
2019- Awakenings, Susan Collyer performed at Fringe Festival, RI 2019
2017- 2022 Band performances around Rhode Island as well as in Brooklyn, NY
2017 Band performance at Bennington spring festival ‘Moonfest’
2017 Band performance at “Fake Funerals/ Death Wish” (Bennington Alumni Show) Brooklyn, NY
2016 Senior Show “Holy Avatar”
2015 Meredith Monk Ensemble in “A Celebration Service”
2015 Concert celebrating the feast day of Saint Glyceria and all of the other women martyrs.
Original pieces, transcriptions, arrangements, and covers as well as spoken word and full sensory installations were included in this project.

Sept. 2012-2016 Bennington College, VT
Bachelor’s of Arts with a concentration in music and history. Further areas of study: religion, gender, philosophy, music composition and performance, and advanced voice lessons

January 2013- February 2013 KidsmART, LA
Involved in assisting and creating my own lesson plans to bring to elementary students in charter schools around New Orleans. Also, integrated arts into the already pre-existing lessons, thus, helping them learn better with the important inclusion of art (a part of the charter school system that was missing!).

January 2014- February 2014 Hi Art! and The Time In Children’s Initiative, NY
Worked as a Teaching Artist for both the for-profit sector (Hi Art!) and non-profit sector (Time In). For both, elementary students came to our studio to learn about an opera. Also, facilitated the creation of many different kinds of art projects reflecting, reacting to, interacting with learning of music and opera.

The Light Works
Reflections in Rhode Island
RI Theatre Makers Roundtable
Composition, vocals, piano and synthesizer, bass, sitar,
Microsoft, Adobe, Logic, GarageBand

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