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Riley Nedder


Riley Nedder is an actor, costume designer, and a member of the Board of Directors for Reverie Theatre Group, serving as Reverie’s Marketing & Communications Chair. Riley is a creative mutt extraordinaire. Since graduating from the University of Rhode Island in 2023, Riley has been making art all around the state of Rhode Island. Riley loves making weird art based upon truthful, unsettling, challenging stories that ask questions; Most importantly, Riley loves creating safe and welcoming environments for weird art to live in.

Riley Nedder got into costuming purely and happily by accident. After helping to design costumes for a production in high school of The Medicine Man a western farce. Riley found herself in love with it, and never stopped. It is joyful being able to connect with actors, and contribute to bringing a story to life through the visual language of costumes, a language understood by many. Although Riley has a soft spot for historical shows, any and all challenges to costume a show, both historical and contemporary, are welcome. Whether it’s covering people in blood or glitter, or draping them in a velvet curtain transformed into a ball gown, Riley is happy to be involved. Below is a link to Riley's Costume Design Portfolio.

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